New TS Server IP

Our TS server host got a new router and his IP changed meaning so did our server's IP. New server IP is:

V3 & SD Versions Have been Released




Version 3.0.0 has now begun its final stages of development, we would now like to show progress on the development of the mod.
All models and textures have been extensively improved since the previous version, with a completely new map, new area, new rigs, and new scripts!

The Map: The map will have 4 stations.

Pride Of Midtown: Engine Co. 54, Ladder Co. 4, and the 9th Battalion

Hell's Kitchen: Engine Co. 34, Ladder Co. 21

Midtown Mob: Engine Co. 65

Res1cue: Rescue Co. 1 

The Gameplay:

We have created and borrowed many new scripts such as Roof Venting, Hydrant Hook-Up, Engine On and Off, and House Search (By Hoppah) 


 More info & screenshots to come!

The Manhattan Modification has an official multiplayer group.



The Manhattan Emergency Response Unit if the Manhattan Mod's official multiplayer group and is currently recruiting! Come Join!